Hi, I’m Melodi. I’m a mother of two lovely children and the founder of T1D Family Network.  This blog is under construction right now, so bear with me as I work on improving it!

In March of 2014 our then 5 year old son, George, received a life altering diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes.  This autoimmune disease caused his pancreas to no longer produce the insulin hormone necessary to provide energy to the body’s cells.  He will be dependent on insulin, either through injections or an insulin pump for life .  Unless there is a cure or a miracle of course.  Every carbohydrate that he consumes must be accompanied by insulin.  He has a finger poke several times a day so we can monitor his blood glucose (BG) levels and adjust his insulin or sugar intake as needed.

After his diagnosis, I found myself encased in grief, anxiety, depression and suffered from PTSD.  Just a few little issues, right!!??  Caring for George, trying to protect our little girl from the trauma going on in our home and adjusting to so many changes overwhelmed me.  But on the 2nd anniversary of his diagnosis, I decided I needed to do something.  So I threw a party.  A Brave Party.

I invited all the other Type 1 kids and their families from George’s school over to our home.  As the kids were playing some funny mock boot camp games in the front of our home, I had some soldiers from nearby military bases drive up in a military vehicle.  They awarded every Type 1 child with medals for bravery.  Because that’s what they all are.  Brave.  And our lives took a turn.  George gained more courage and loved seeing so many other kids just like him.  I stopped grieving so hard and instead found a purpose in all the pain.

I started T1D Family Network because I want other T1 families to know that they are not alone.  Their children are not alone.  And we can live this life together, one blood drop at a time.

If you want to know more about Type 1 Diabetes click here, and if you are looking for places to find support click here.


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