Letters to My Son


My dearest boy,

I have a feeling that March 18th will always be a difficult day for me.  I hope throughout the years you will humor your emotional, sentimental Mama because on this day I will most likely be in tears often and try to hug or hold you frequently.

It is a strange feeling to realize that our lives literally changed overnight.  From March 18 2014 to March 19 2014 the world tilted and when it straightened out everything looked different.  Type 1 Diabetes had arrived.

Tomorrow is your second Diaversary.  A word I had never heard of before T1D.  But it is a word that we utilize to celebrate your bravery.

You don’t know it, but tomorrow over 50 people will arrive to celebrate you.  Congratulate you.  Encourage you.  Because you deserve it.

You wouldn’t ever guess it, but we have arranged to have two soldiers arrive in a military vehicle to award you for your bravery.  Soldiers who are heroes!  Who have never met you but want to honor you.  Because this year has been a battlefield for you.  You have fought long and hard.

Also, tomorrow all the kids at your school who have T1D will be here.  All 8 of you together.  All of the parents together. I’m hoping we can encourage and strengthen each other.  As you have encouraged and strengthened us this year with your bravery and courage.

Through all the tears, fear, trauma, questions for God, anger and resentment at this “new normal”… I have admired you, George.  I have held you in my arms, crying with you, questioning with you, my heart breaking into a million pieces, yet I have been overwhelmed by your character.  I have noticed two qualities that are rising up in your sweet little life.

One is honesty.  I can’t count the times you have started a sentence to me with, “Mom you might not want to hear this but….” and then you share your heart.  The hurt.  The anger.  The confusion.  The fear.  Even the occasional confession of trying to sneak food.  Son, God values honesty.  Even when it is terribly hard, continue to be honest.  You are growing up to be a mighty man of valor.  You are on the right track with honesty.

The second is tenacity.  You never give up.  It might take almost an hour to do a site change on your tummy, but eventually, after the tears, screaming and hiding, you go through with it.  Finger poke after finger poke.  Waiting 20 minutes after dosing for any kind of sugar.  Doing things you do not want to do, over and over.  What an inspiration you are to me, Big Cheese!!  I look up to you in so many ways.

Your second year with Type 1 Diabetes has been incredibly difficult.  But it has also been very sweet.  We have had many treasured moments, deep talks and long prayers.  My darling boy I hope you know what a joy and inspiration you are to our whole family.

I love you with all of my fart.  I mean heart.



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