Two Years and Counting

tree of life 4

Two years ago this week Georgie and I boarded a plane and moved to Colorado.

As I type this, I’m sitting at the table in our kitchen, and I’m remembering that 2 years ago I had no kitchen to speak of. We lived in this house for several weeks without a functioning kitchen, and with our refrigerator in a small storage space only accessible from the outside. I wonder if any neighbors ever saw me in my PJ’s while I went outside to the fridge for one of George’s middle-of-the-night bottles.

I’m remembering the Sunday morning a few short weeks after we arrived. It was hot. Shane was working and had taken our one and only vehicle. The house was full of boxes. Georgie was a fussy mess. I couldn’t make anything for breakfast because I had no kitchen or table or anything. And the toilet and bathtub were plugged. I barely knew the neighbors on one side and thought maybe I could ask them for help but I was shy, scared, homesick and completely emotional. But I got up enough nerve to walk outside…just in time to see them driving to church. The neighbors on the other side were just getting into their car for church too, but I wasn’t brave enough to interrupt them. So. I saw some folks at a house across the street and just swallowed my pride and walked over and asked to borrow a plunger. It was awful!! Imagine the gross-ness of returning a plunger. My face gets red even thinking about it.

Who would’ve known that 2 years later those neighbors on either side of our house would become our close friends. And the church they were going to would become ours as well.

We weren’t supposed to be in this house. We had another house lined up to live in. But it fell through. As did a second home. This house wasn’t even on our radar. But it was on my Father’s. I’ve come to believe that the Lord really really really cares about where we are located in life.

He knew my sweet neighbor would ask me to a women’s weekly Bible study called BSF. And that my BSF small group leader would be an integral part of my road to healing in our marriage. And that after attending this Bible study with my neighbor, I would want to attend church with her. And that this church would be a place of safety, security, healing, balance and community for us. And that out of this church would come life-long, incredible friendships and even some ministry opportunities. I thought I had to leave all my friends and family and ministry behind in the NW. But God knew I would find all that here. Eventually. Because of where He put us. In this house.

I still get really homesick. I still get mad sometimes when I realize that my children are being raised away from my family. I still go outside every.single.time it rains because I miss it so much. But this Sunday, when my daughter was sleeping in the arms of someone else’s grandpa, and being shown off by someone else’s mom, and held by my husband’s good friend…I rejoiced. I really did. I’m learning a whole new aspect of the provision of God. He truly provides whatever we need. If we are willing to receive it.

In two years of living here I feel that I’ve changed a lot. That happens when you’re on the Potter’s wheel and He decides to re-make you. Today I’m taking a little time to remember. And I’m confessing my willingness to be wherever He thinks is best. That willingness doesn’t come easy, but I don’t want to miss out on all He has for me and my family. He has done more in these two years than I ever thought possible. What might He do next?


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