Lets Have a Beautiful Life


As usual its been way too long since I’ve written anything. I needed a jump start to get going again and tonight I got it.

I was driving to my sis-in-law’s home to watch the premier of Biggest Loser. My mind was on whether or not Shane could calm George down enough to get him to sleep at a decent time…when I drove off they were wrestling and it didn’t look to me like it was ending any time soon. But straight ahead of me was something that got my attention. I had seen it about a month ago, but the setting was very different then.

My sweet nephew was born on Aug 16. George and I were able to fly to Portland in time for his birth, and then we stayed in the NW for almost a month before Shane joined us and we all flew back to Colorado together. The trip was a life-changing, encouraging, rejuvenating time for me. I might write about some of my experiences, but tonight I need to write about what I saw.

Its something I’ve seen before. And I pray I will see it often again. Over the years it has inspired me, comforted me, and this time it helped heal me.

What I saw a month ago from my parents’ front yard was the full moon rising over Mt. Rainier. I grew up with beautiful views of the Mountain, and I am accustomed to seeing sights such as these. However this time, my eyes couldn’t stop staring and my heart drank it in. Interesting how true it is that you don’t know what you have (sometimes) until its gone. I even slept with my shades open that night so if I woke up I could look outside and continue to gaze.

So tonight, I’m driving, my mind going a million miles a minute and I look up. I see a beautiful full moon and it brought tears to my eyes to realize that its the same moon…just a different setting. I stopped at a stop light and looked all around. Ahead of me is this gorgeous moon. Behind me are the Rocky Mountains and the sun is setting behind them. Above me is an absolutely stunning evening sky, complete with pink, orange and purple clouds. And believe it or not, there was even a little lightning and thunder (my mom would’ve loved that part).

The whole scene was breathtaking.

And something clicked. A spark finally lit. With all of my heart I loved being here. A song was playing from the CD I put in the car. One of my dearest friends made it for me a few years back. The singer was singing, “Its the time we were made for….Lets have a beautiful life….We all have the chance to do the things we were meant to do….We all have the chance to be the people we were meant to be….Its the time we were made for. Lets have a beautiful life.”

I intend to do just that.


One thought on “Lets Have a Beautiful Life

  1. Um, I have chills after reading that! You are where you are supposed to be, doing what you are supposed to be doing and it's VERY exciting and challenging too! Oh, and glad to be considered a dearest friend. 🙂


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