My Pain in the Neck…What a Relief


For about the past 8 years I’ve had chronic neck problems. Usually stress sets it off, but with the help of a loving, caring hubbie who tells me to “calm down and slow down”, and the work of a phenomenal chiropractor/sports injury specialist, the occurences of my neck going out, or muscles being pulled have diminished over the past few years.

But yesterday morning when I turned my head, I felt something shift and I knew I was in trouble. I went to my new job anyway of course, and spent 4.5ish hours caring for George and 2 little girls 3 years old and 2 months old. It was kinda challenging to pretend that I wasn’t in pain, and I’m sure ML noticed that I couldn’t move my head and my smile was kinda strained, but I had a blast with those girls and was over-the-top thankful for my first paycheck since May 2008.

Shane’s boss and his wife have hired me to come to their house a few days a week to take care of their precious daughters so she can do all the bookkeeping/admin for their landscaping business. George absolutely loves going there, and every morning asks for each girl by name. And what an answer to prayer that I can contribute to my family financially, my son has interaction with other children regularly and we are blessing a great family who are trying to run a business.

But yesterday was pretty hard on my physically. So today, I took it easy. George and I stayed home all day. For me, this equals BLISS. I am a true introvert and my batteries get charged when I have time alone. I do enjoy spending time with people of course, but if I can’t have a little time completely and totally alone…after a while I am burned out.

George took a 3 hour nap this afternoon and I had time to be alone and think/reflect. Here’s what I came up with:

…I am extremely thankful that my husband is happy and content to live where he’s always wanted to live, and to raise his son where he always dreamed about raising a son.
…The Rocky Mountains are absolutely GORGEOUS and even though I grew up under Mt. Rainier and will always favor it, I am thrilled to live with these majestic mountains in my view
…My family is the best family to live on this planet. Not only the Daniels/Nyman family, but my in-laws who love us and have welcomed us to Colorado with open arms and a willingness to help and serve. Can I just say how wonderful it is that George gets to grow up surrounded with loving extended family??
…I miss my dad, mom, brother and his fam, so much that I can’t think about it too often right now
…What a relief that Casey and Cam are happily married. I’m not sure I could’ve left with a son hoping/dreaming/wishing for his bride to appear. She appeared and my heart is at rest
…Our needs are always met by our Jehovah, our God. Whether its through people who have given their lives to Him or not.
…In 2 weeks my Fiend of Fiends, one of the best friends I’ve ever had JC is coming to visit me for several days. I know it will be refreshing, fun and absolutely relieving to have her here. I’m sure we will cry and laugh and pray our heads off.
…Then one of my longest and truest friends ever GN will come for a few weeks. He has been a friend, father, brother and inspiration to me throughout the years. I cannot wait for him to arrive and fill this house with laughter. But most of all…he will bring with him the Presence of Jesus and the hope of new life in Him.
…What you sow, you will reap. Years ago when I was still in high school, we opened our home up to a young lady in need. I loved her like a sister…and still do even though I don’t talk to her as often as I should. This week I received a box in the mail containing 2 huge boxes of diapers. Then today a sandbox for George arrived FedEx. They were all from her. To bless us. And I’ve never cried so much in awe and thankfulness. I only wish I could wrap my arms around her and hug the heehaw out of her. It not only met a need we had, but it brought hope and healing to my heart. I haven’t called her to thank her yet, only because I can’t talk and cry at the same time.

I don’t like my neck to be out of alignment, and I’m definitely wishing I could go see Dr. Doyle right now and laugh with her about all kinds of stuff….but this pain in my neck today allowed me time to stop and consider all I have to be thankful for right now. And its a lot. And my heart feels full. So I’m ok with a little neck pain.


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