Some changin’ goin’ on

It seems to me that we have encountered every single challenge you could think of, as far as fixing up a house in order to live in it.

For example: The kitchen was absolutely horrible. The floor was filthy, previous tenants were smokers so everything was coated with a film of smoke, cupboards had probably never been cleaned, and lets not talk about the faucet, sink, counter and windows. But bless Shane’s heart, he went ahead and moved the washer and dryer into their spot in the kitchen and decided to have those up and running at least.

My parents were still here when I decided to try a load of laundry. My dad was in the kitchen scrubbing the ceiling and walls, trying to prep for painting. My mom was sitting on a box somewhere crying, and George was napping. (Not really about my mom, but she probably wanted to!) I put a load in the washer and went to do something else. Pretty soon I heard water pouring out, and realized that the entire kitchen floor (which was disgustingly dirty) was getting flooded because the water was not draining down the pipe. My dad spent HOURS trying to troubleshoot and clean out that pipe….but we eventually had to just stand at the washer and listen for the pipe to fill up, shut the washer off, wait for water to go down the pipe, then start the washer again. Over. And over. And over. Until the rinse cycle was finished.

A few days later after my folks left, I was standing at the washer turning it off and on when Shane’s dad George drove up. He comes over every day (which I love) and spends time with little George. He has done so very much for us, helping get this house live-able. He took one look at what I was doing and called the water/sewer people. They were here for over 4 hours trying to figure out the problem. Eventually, it was fixed.

This is just one of SEVERAL incidents and challenges. It has seemed that every time we think something is fixed and working, it really isn’t. Things that should be simple are quite challenging, frustrating and time consuming. And the Lord is using these things to change us…transform us.

Some other dear people have been helping us along the way too. And they are like Jesus with skin on (as Glenda Malmin would say) to us. And they DO go to church every Sunday. 🙂 But the bottom line isn’t about the Sunday morning shindig. The bottom line is a lifestyle modeled after Christ. And I have oh so far to go in being like Him.

And my kitchen is all up and running now! Although this isn’t the most recent pic…


One thought on “Some changin’ goin’ on

  1. Melodi – I adore your heart. Reading your blog is like a breath of fresh air to me – struggling every day with being all I can be in my limited physical means – and as I read your blog I feel challenged, but not overwhelmed.


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