Oh, the titles I could write…

My first blog from Littleton, Colorado!

I’m not sure where to start writing, so I’ll make a list:

…It was really hard to say goodbyes to the people I’m close to, and the places I love and call home
…Shane and I are so glad to be together after 6 weeks apart. Those weeks were God-ordained. We grew and learned a lot. But we’re glad the separation is over.
…George has done amazingly well – sleeping great, eating fine, doing well with getting acquainted with new people, loving the park just down the block, loving this little house we’re in, and especially loving the special family that’s over here!!
…My parents came with us and stayed for several days. I haven’t let myself think too much about the miles that now separate us…but I’m very thankful for phone calls, texting and video chatting. I know I’ll have to face it all soon enough, but for now I just keep busy and try not to think about how much I miss them and how much I cherish the years I had living close to them.

We are renting a house from one of Shane’s cousins. The rent is very cheap with the agreement that we fix the house up while living in it. Shane did an incredible job of getting it livable before we arrived. It needed EVERYTHING from floors to paint to appliances and thank GOD for the new toilet. However, there wasn’t enough time for him to work on the kitchen. Having the refrigerator in the garage (accessable only by going outside) wasn’t near as challenging as having no high chair or table for my 21 month old Monkey.

I’m happy to say that the kitchen is now complete, except the stove we still need to pick up. I’m learning all kinds of new things to cook in the crock pot and there’s always the old favorite: toast.

George is waking up from a nap, so I better wrap it up…just wanted to at least get 1 blog out there, and hopefully it will motivate me to write more soon.


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