Fast Forward

I just realized I haven’t written a new blog in almost a month. Wow a lot can happen in a month…

…a house can be packed, moved, cleaned, holes patched and painted
…a dad and hubbie can drive to Denver with a huge moving truck, unload it (with help from Dad George and interns that Pastor Doug sent to do slave labor haha), and begin house hunting for a new place for all that stuff to be moved and unpacked yet again
…a husband can start his new job and really love it
…a little boy named George can adjust to his new surroundings in Graham and loves video chatting with his daddy
…a son can marry his beautiful bride and FINALLY give this mom a daughter-in-law
…a daughter can move back in with her parents for a short season, and experience such refreshing – as if the cleanest, purest, coolest water is being given to her to restore strength and hope to her

I feel like life has been on a fast forward for several weeks. Now that the wedding is over, and Shane is back in Denver until we fly to meet him, time is kind of standing still. It continues to be busy, in fact I have no weekends open between now and when we leave, and I just realized 4 of my dearest friends are coming to see me all in the same week to say goodbye. Now that will be a hard week.

Yesterday I took George to my grandpa’s farm. We stayed with my mom’s sister, my Aunt Sharon (who can make an incredible reuben sandwich by the way). I will never ever forget watching my grandpa interact with his great grandson. We all went for a walk today. My grandpa, at age 90, can still almost out walk me. He sets a good pace and he doesn’t waver. We put George in the stroller, and it thrilled me that Grandpa wanted to push it the whole time. When we reached the end of Lutkens Road, he spun the stroller around a few times and really laughed. I just stared at the two Georges and cherished every second of it.

Then we let little George out for a bit, and my grandpa really wanted to give him a piggy back ride. My 20 month old didn’t get the concept of that just yet, but we let him ride on Grandpa’s shoulders for a few minutes. Really. My 20 month old, rode on his 90 year old Great Grandpa’s shoulders today. And I cherished every second of it.

We ended the morning by letting little George throw rocks into the creek and watching Grandpa’s dog swim. (Yes, the very same spot where probably almost 30 years ago I accidentally threw a rock right onto my brother’s head and he had to get stitches.) Big George showed Little George how to throw the rocks in, and I really think my son thought he went to Heaven. Rocks. Dirt. A big yellow dog named Ranger. And of course water. Heaven for George.

I’ll admit that I cried most of the way back to my parent’s house. And I’m crying now. Because I’ve been blessed with places that don’t change much, and always feel like home. Because I’ve grown up with a family that loves the Lord, and loves each other and anticipates how to serve one another. I have a rich heritage that I have a high regard for, that I long to pass on to my son.

And I will.

But as I pass it on to him, it won’t be in the shadow of Mt. Rainier, it will be in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. My location will change, but my heritage, the legacy my family has given me will not.

I’m getting too sleepy to think straight, but tonight I’m overwhelmed with thanksgiving as I think about all I was blessed to experience today with my son and our family.


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