Almost there

We got so much done today. I’m absolutely exhausted and I just realized I didn’t sit much today, except to eat a little. This blog probably won’t be very long. 🙂

My parents came over this morning. I’ve always known they were amazing people, but now…I REALLY know. On many levels. They just serve. And serve. And serve. No strings attached, no hidden motives (except my mom…all she wants is to play with George). They are cheerful, they are so refreshing, and the bottom line – they are unselfish. Oh I hope I’m as unselfish and loving as they are someday when I grow up.

Not sure if my dad has ever been in a liquor store or not, but he loaded up his truck with boxes from our neighborhood liquor store, and tonight it makes me laugh to think of it.

My dear friend Nancy came tonight as well. I don’t think I’m emotionally ready to write about how much I’m going to miss her. Or how much I’ve relied on her for over 8 years. Or how I will always cherish her role in Shane and my dating/engagement/marriage. Or how my heart melts every time George asks for, “Nancy?” because he is a miracle that she unselfishly prayed about for years. Or how much I cannot picture my life without her popping in, and hearing her laugh, and listening to her hilarious stories. It takes a special friend to pack up all your coats, pantry and bathroom items and fragile knick knacks. I’m just thankful she ate half the bag of Cheddar Cheese Munchies with me so I didn’t have to feel guilty about eating the whole thing alone.

We’ve had a small bump in the road this week. The woman who was going to rent us a home in Denver has backed out and wants to rent to her daughter instead. I understand. I really do. And in all honesty I’m kind of relieved. Now Shane will have about 6 weeks to find something that he knows we will like. And it will be OK. We’re still going to Denver. We still know this is God’s plan for us. Even if we’re homeless. ha ha

But now its getting later and later and I want to watch my last episode of Survivor in my own purple bedroom.


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