2 weeks from today

Two weeks from today, our belongings will (hopefully) be all packed into a big truck. Then on April 15, Shane and my Pops will drive to Denver! Shane’s first day of work is April 19.

George and I will stay with my parents until May 29 because the house in Denver will be ready for us then. So…I’m looking at several weeks without my hubbie. He will fly back for Casey’s wedding of course, but other than that, we’ll have to be content with letters, e-mails and video chats.

Our house is up for sale, and we are asking the Lord for a miracle. Its kinda challenging to pack and yet keep the house looking nice in case anyone wants to look at it. But considering no one has looked at it yet…I’ll be honest and say the kitchen isn’t as clean as it should be tonight. 🙂

We definitely have a lot of thoughts and emotions going on right now. This past weekend we went to my Grandpa’s farm in Elbe. I started blogging about it, but wasn’t able to get very far because of the tears and the ache in my heart.

For someone like me who grew up in the same house, attended school with the same people since Kindergarten, went only 2 hours away to a small college, and then came back and not much had changed…..this move to Denver is a pretty big deal. But I do like adventure. And I do believe it’s God’s plan for our lives. So I’m OK.

Two weeks from today I will say goodbye to this tall, skinny, green house that I have both loved and hated at times. The Lord helped me overcome depression here. Two of our 3 older sons lived with us here. We have lovingly tended all the landscaping and plants and trees. So many family and friends have come to stay here. Counseling sessions, leadership training, and countless other pastoral stuff happened here. My little boy lived his first 18 months here and I can point to the exact spot he first held up his own head, or crawled, or said Mama. I started running in this neighborhood and have loved the outdoor market every summer. Engine House 9 was our regular restaurant. I’ve gotten to know my neighbors. Sigh…so many memories. I sure am sentimental tonight!!

Two weeks from today there’s no looking back! Well…I’m sure I’ll still look back and remember. But there will be much more looking forward and just living.


One thought on “2 weeks from today

  1. Melodi, I know how hard it is to live apart from your husband for a time. I will be praying for you about both that, and your mixed emotions about moving away and starting a new adventure. :)Love you,Melissa


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