Red Rocks, here we come

When I married Shane 7 years ago, I had a feeling this season would come. And its finally here. We are packing up and relocating to Denver, Colorado.

I promise to blog in more detail in the coming days, but here is a brief rundown:

About 6 weeks ago or so, a friend of mine let us know that her grandma’s home was sitting vacant in Denver. After a few phone calls we realized that if we wanted it, we could have it. The owner has agreed to let us buy it, or rent to own. Either way….its a very wonderful house that is basically on hold just for us.

I went to Bible College with a fella who left Portland to plant a church in Denver this past Fall. We had a video chat with him and realized that if we moved we would have a church that feels like “home” instantly. We would also have several friends because we know many of the church planting team.

Another fella I’ve known (for about 20 years) started a landscaping business in Denver about 10 years ago. He offered Shane a job 2 weeks ago. Shane has always wanted to be in the landscaping business, and he’ll be doing lots of things that he is really looking forward to. There’s a chance that I’ll be offered a part-time job that I can do from home as well!

So now…our current home is on the market. I will not be surprised if it sells for a great price and we leave town with a profit in our pockets. With all the miracles the Lord has done for us in the past 6 weeks…why wouldn’t He do another one?

I better get crackin on my to do list for this evening. I look forward to blogging in more detail so you can read for yourself the extent of the absolute miracles the Lord is working on our behalf. If Shane and I ever doubted for a second how incredible His love is for us – those doubts have been smashed for sure.


2 thoughts on “Red Rocks, here we come

  1. well sweetie, life has change quite a bit for you over the last few years. And I couldn't be happier. I am glad God has allowed our paths to cross. I will forever have found memories.And now I have another blog to read!


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