I am loving this week. I finally feel like both my feet are on the ground, my brain is functioning (well…don’t ask Shane if it is), and I’m being spirit-led rather than soul-led.

The weekend at the Oregon coast was truly great. The only thing that I can complain about was the 2 hour delay for the train I took to Portland. BUT, even that turned out great. I sat next to a sweet lady who owns a coffee/gift/flower shop just blocks from our home. We chatted once the train actually started moving, and it was enjoyable (sometimes chatting with strangers on trains isn’t the best idea).

My weekend ended with a night at my brother’s home. Lucky me they had a church service and I was able to stay home and have a girl’s ONLY night with my 3 cutie nieces. I loved every minute of it, and was kinda sad when M&M came home and the party had to end.

This week I’ve been at the track every morning running, sprinting, doing circuit training…really anything I can do to keep my heart rate up. With Casey’s wedding in 8 weeks all I can think about is those family pictures that I have to be in and how much I’d like to enjoy looking at them for years to come. It’s quite motivating.

Today George and I walked to the shop of my train-traveling friend. She was so happy to see us and I hope to generate some business for her. If you live in Tacoma, visit her at A Rhapsody in Bloom on 6th Ave. Then we went to the park and as George says, we “climb up” everything. And I do mean everything, literally. Wow I’m tired.

On our way home, I passed a home that was cooking something that smelled familiar. It took me a minute to realize that the food reminded me of something in Uganda. Amazing how one little smell could bring memories rushing in. I still feel nostalgic about it, and my age-old (it seems) longing to serve the people of that continent is still very much alive.

I can remember longing for the day I could take my own son to a park, or have time to get myself back in shape, or pack extra cookies in my hubbie’s lunch. So…an ordinary blog, to celebrate the fact that I get to live an ordinary week!!! No doctor’s appointments, no anxious waiting, no stressful meetings….ahhhhh. Just living the life that’s before me.


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