Another Stone

I’ve spent a lot of time building memorials in my life. There are times when the Lord asked me to never forget a lesson learned, or a truth revealed, or a promise fulfilled. In order to remember, I either journal about it or write in my Bible next to a reference. Or, sometimes I just fall on my face, worship Him and build the memorial in my heart. I have several that are in secret places in my heart. Places for only Him and me. Places of surrender. Places of worship.

One week ago today I was recovering from some very un-fun biopsies and I was truly worried about the outcome. Shane stayed home from work to be with me, and we were watching movies while I ate and ate and ate trying to bring myself some added comfort. (sigh. When will I learn not to turn to food for comfort?)

But now one week later, with a clean bill of health, I’m wondering what’s next. I feel like my life was literally on hold for about 3 weeks. I cannot believe that we are this far into February.

I tried to explain to a friend today that I feel like the Lord has changed me. And changed me deeply. I’m not even sure I realize all the differences, but it is almost as though I’m wearing brand new glasses. I’m not only seeing things differently, I’m processing them in a whole new way. And I hope I’m able to walk out the change so everyone can see.

God keeps His promises. Each and every single one of them. Time for me to dust my promise/miracle journal off and re-read it. I’d like to see what He’s promised that hasn’t happened yet, and I’d like to start believing for those again.

Time to put up another altar, another memorial. So I know where I’ve been. So I never forget. So I continue to worship. And so I can move on.


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