I’ve had to reset my settings several times today.

I thought I might get the call letting me know the results of my biopsies today. But it hasn’t come yet. This morning every time the phone rang, I literally jumped. But as the day went on, I realized I had better set my mind on other things or else I wouldn’t make it through the day as a sane person.

So…I’ve thought a lot about my sweet son. And how much I cherish holding him and caring for him.

I’ve thought a lot about my thoughtful, caring hubbie. He is going to need a nice long vacation or something pretty soon. He’s done an incredible job of caring for George and me.

I’ve been thinking of all my family members. Our oldest son and his fiance; we’re so proud of them and the good choices they’re making. All 5 of our parents who really love and care for us. Our siblings and their families who we wish we had more time with. Grandparents who I owe phone calls and thank you cards to.

Friends who pursue me even when I’m not the best at responding during times like these.

And I’ve worshipped. All day. Songs that declare the greatness of God and how He reigns over all.

Resetting my mind several times throughout the day has been challenging, but also I can tell that I’m growing from it! I’m learning something, putting something great into practice. I hope I can continue to order my thoughts, and take control over my emotions.


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