These Days

I love days like these.

I woke up to blue sky.
I prayed a lot today.
George slept until afer 7.
Shane had left me a love note in the journal we write back and forth.
He also left me a chocolate.
My morning coffee tasted extra good.
We woke Shane up kinda early.
I had privacy in my girl-only bathroom while I got ready.
I remembered to make breakfast for Shane.
We all went to the waterfront with a picnic lunch.
I can run the entire length of the waterfront and back without stopping.
George had the time of his life climbing, walking and exploring at the waterfront.
He fell asleep almost instantly in my arms for his nap.
I took a hot bath.
I remembered to cook dinner for Shane.
George slept almost 3 hours.
I already had our dinner pre-made.
George wanted to go to sleep early.
I have a new book to read tonight, and I’m going to read it instead of starting to work on my taxes.

I sure wish every day was this smooth. But its the smooth days that make the rough days survivable. And all God asks of me is to live this ONE day. Today. And I did.


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