We don’t have TV so I’ve been behind on the news these past few months. Tonight I decided to watch some news coverage of the Haitian earthquake. And I hope and pray with all of my heart that I’ll never be the same again.

I’ve seem some things in my travels to Uganda 3 times, but I’ve never pretended to know suffering up close and personal. As I watched clips of bodies piled in the streets, of rubble as far as the eye can see, of people with literally absolutely nothing waiting for relief, of little children lost and confused and broken….I realized my incredible need for forgiveness. I am one complacent, apathetic, selfish, nominal Christian.

And I’m asking the Lord to change me. And what’s scary about that is…I know the Lord will answer that prayer. The definition of compassion includes action. One can’t feel compassion without acting on it if they keep to the true definition. I’m begging God for compassion. Not only for “the least of these” but for whoever comes across my path who might need a touch from the One, True Living God.


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