A Purple Haze

I just lived the past 24 hours in a purple haze. Two of my nieces came to stay the night with us last night. The whole family is visiting for a few days out at my parents’ home, so I was able to sneak a slumber party in.

The haziness began last night. My brother’s family came to Shane’s parents’ home where we were finishing up the Stoddard family Christmas. The two little ladies’ belongings were unloaded, goodbyes were said to their parents and GIRL TIME with Auntie Melodi began. Our car was loaded with 2 pink suitcases on wheels, 2 princess sleeping bags, 2 Hello Kitties, 2 “special” blankies, 2 booster carseats one on each side of George’s carseat in the middle, and eventually we squished into our Volkswagen Jetta (which I think was almost touching the ground) and headed home. George didn’t know what to do with 2 little princesses in Christmas dresses on either side of him. He began to get fussy and my sweet nieces sang to him all the way home…he was entranced.

George took a quick bath, probably due to the fact that there were 4 extra eyes watching his every move, handing him toys and continuing to sing at will. The next thing I knew, Shane was putting George to bed and I had two darlings dressed in Tinkerbell pajamas holding out their toes to be painted. We went to Aunt Melodi’s Salon where every other nail was painted glittery purple and my two customers sipped sparkling apple cider out of my best china.

Once the nails were dry, out came the Hello Kitties and the special blankies while they watched the beginning of The Incredibles. When their eyelids were drooping, we told Shane he was banished to the guest room and declared the purple bedroom and bathroom to be GIRLS ONLY. Once we were all 3 in bed, Uncle Shane came to tuck us in and pray with us. The squealing was quite impressive. I fell asleep to the sound of two little angels sighing, whispering and giggling. It was Heaven, especially to a mom who is more used to the smells and sounds that accompany teenage boys.

This morning as they finished The Incredibles, Uncle Shane made pancakes in the shape of stars and hearts. These were devoured and then as George went outside with Shane, I prepared the first bubble bath in the famous purple bathroom. Not one, or two, but three different bubble bath soaps were added. Candles were lit, the pink towel was ready and the redheaded princess took a 30 minute bath. I’ll never forget the look on Shane’s face as I carried a special chocolate and another glass of sparkling apple cider to the bather. The second bather had the exact same experience as the first, and then we all three came downstairs to face the world. (My bath will happen after this blog…finally)

I forgot to mention the gifts we gave them. We didn’t have much money for Christmas gifts this year, so we decided to make something for our 3 Daniels nieces. I bought miniature canvases and easles for Shane to paint on. He painted their first name initial along with flowers and hearts. Then he wrapped them in pretty tissue paper (which was at my insistence…he didn’t think they needed to be wrapped…boys!!). I think his heart liquified as both girls ooohed and aaahed over the tissue paper. “Whoever wrapped this did a beautiful job,” they said. Then they sighed and grinned from ear to ear when they saw what Shane had painted for them. It was absolutely precious to watch their reaction.

Sometimes I wish I was still a little girl content to play make-believe, waiting for my prince to show up on a white horse, twirling in pretty dresses, my heart free from unwanted fingerprints that left scars. But if I just stop and take a deep breath and listen…I can still hear the music that all little princesses hear when they twirl. I can still experience the simple joy of beautiful china. I can still revel in the security of a thoughtful, kind husband (even if he came driving a purple, wood-paneled mini-van instead of riding a powerful white horse).

I could do with more purple haze in my life. I just may paint my fingernails with glittery purple tonight too.


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