Keep It Simple Stupid

I haven’t been blogging like I should. I feel like time is whizzing by and I’m not accomplishing much because I’m overwhelmed. It doesn’t have that much to do with Christmas actually. Some things that have been on my mind, and weighing on my shoulders are:

How do I help George with better sleeping habits? We have had a season where he isn’t sleeping at night much. It has been hard. I have been completely sleep deprived most of this month. But now things are back to normal and he and I are sleeping much better. I prayed a lot, some others prayed a lot, and I think the Lord helped give some solutions.

How can I give Christmas gifts that mean something, and will bless someone, yet won’t cost very much?

I need to start contributing to our household financially again, so I’ve decided to start teaching piano. Oh…my mind is running crazy over this. I have ideas, but I mostly need to talk to a friend and let him mentor me a bit to get me started. I need students and I need them quickly. I’m nervous, excited, wary and anxious about it. That’s not a great combination of emotions. 🙂

George is walking now. I’m noticing that he needs extra hands-on attention time from me in the afternoons/evenings. He is becoming antsy and wants more activity…but I can’t always give it to him because of weather and because I don’t have a car. I can’t even express how desperate I am for spring and summer so we can go outside regularly again. I’m not afraid of rain/cold/wind…but he’s had a cold on top of getting molars and going out hasn’t been a good idea.

I’m making Christmas gifts for my brother’s girls and I’m not super creative. But I have to get it done!

One of our sons is kind of back in touch with the family and it makes old emotions feel current again.

Those are a few things on my mind, and so much more that I won’t write here.

And as I was putting George to bed tonight I was consumed with trying to figure it all out. My heart was racing and I was anxious to get that little guy to sleep. I thought he was asleep and I looked down and he had his finger up his nose. He saw me look at him and he started laughing. Then he kept putting his finger up his nose, over and over again. And laughing. And talking baby jibberish. It was absolutely hilarious.

I can’t think of anything quite as simple as picking your nose and laughing about it! I simply needed to laugh tonight and get a fresh perspective. George definitely helps me with that regularly.

This is kind of a weird blog. My son picks his nose, makes me laugh and now I feel like everything will be OK. haha!!!


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