This morning 4 police officers were killed while in a coffee shop. Someone walked in, shot them and escaped. It has been on my mind all day. But not just the incident…I’ve been thinking of the families of those 4 officers. Obviously I cannot comprehend what it was like for them to receive the news that their loved one had been murdered. I cannot imagine the loss. I cannot relate to the depth of pain.

But I can do something. I can cherish my own loved ones even more. Here’s what I cherished today:

The sound of my little son waking up and playing in his crib
The privilege of spending the morning with him, playing, eating breakfast and then cuddling him before his nap.
The thoughtfulness of my hubbie to play with George and keep him occupied while I took a very long bath.
Shane’s willingness to load George up and go to the store for dryer sheets and lettuce…those are some seriously boring items, but he did it for me because he loves me. (and he loves buying George a Hot Wheel while at the store of course)
Looking out the window and seeing Dad and son playing in the front yard.
Both of us went to get George after his second nap and we laughed so hard at how he throws everything out of his crib and acts like its a big kill of some kind.
Re-arranging our living room so we can get a Christmas tree.
George turning the vacuum on and off and growling each time.
Chatting with my mom and hearing her excitement over her new stove (first new stove in over 30 years), and listening to Dad put something “too far back, Bob”, as he helps re-arrange things in the cupboards.
Talking with my sis-toe and planning on seeing her really soon (thank GOD).
Hearing her hubbie in the background getting Taco Bell and knowing that he hopes we will come visit so he can see his nephew.
The 3 of us eating dinner together.
Shane laying on the ground playing with Hot Wheels while George tries to imitate everything his dad does.
Listening to Shane sing George to sleep.
Looking forward to an evening of relaxing with my best friend on earth, my sweet husband who pursues my heart.

These are pretty every-day occurrences for me. I think of the 4 families and their tragedy, and I can’t thank God enough for helping me cherish these every-day treasures.


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