Dear Aliyah

Dear Baby Aliyah,

I had so much fun meeting you today, even though Mommy wouldn’t let me touch you. I think you are very cute but I like blue better than pink. You should wear something blue with a picture of a truck on it. That is my favorite.

I know when you grow up that you will sing songs to Jesus like your Daddy and Mommy do. When I heard your Daddy playing the guitar today I thought it was fun to dance to the music. I think he will teach you all about playing instruments. My mommy says I will learn piano and guitar but she really really wants me to learn the fiddle. (I like the word fiddle. It makes me laugh. Someday I’ll say it to you over and over and make you laugh too.)

Mommy sings a song to me that goes like this, “Father of lights, You delight in Your children. Every good and perfect gift comes from You.” When I saw you today I tried to sing it to you but I didn’t know how to say the words. So tonight I prayed with Mommy for you and for your parents.

We prayed that you would grow up to love Jesus with all your heart
…that Jesus would speak to you and you would tell us what He says, just like your Grandpa Robert
…that you would have a soft, tender, teachable heart
…that you would know how valuable you are and how much Jesus loves you (this you’ll learn from your Daddy)
…that you will be a woman of strength, integrity, passion and beauty (your Mommy will teach you)
…that you will be full of joy and know how to serve others (your Grandma Selma knows, she’ll show you)
…that you will like trucks, know how to make motor noises, and laugh at farts (I’m good at this so I’ll teach you)

Mommy says that you and I are miracles. I think that’s a big word that I don’t understand yet, but whenever she says it she gets tears in her eyes. So I guess its a big deal.

I’d rather throw my cars off the landing on the stairs than type this letter to you any longer.

Your new friend forever,

PS. One day I’ll think girls are gross, but probably not you because you’ll know how to make truck noises.


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