I have one Scripture on my mind tonight. The one that says it’s God’s kindness that leads us to repentance (Rom. 2:4).

I’m struck by how incredibly true this Scripture has been for me throughout my life. I’m not one that responds well to harsh punishment. In fact, I don’t know of many who do. Kindness when given properly can be very sufficient in bringing about discipline.

The Lord has showered me with His love and kindness over and over throughout my life. Just tonight I was asking His forgiveness for something I did last night and He brought the life of Abraham to my mind. I remembered that Abe didn’t always do things right, and there were consequences to what he did…but God continued to bless him, giving Abe everything He had ever promised.

My dream of dreams is that I can model this in my parenting of George. Yes, I’ll provide boundaries and consequences if boundaries are crossed. Of course I will because I love him. I love him more than I love myself. But in the giving of discipline, in the training I’ll provide for him, my prayer is that I’m consistent in kindness.

I have been given grace, mercy and unending kindness from my King. To whom much is given much is required. I pray that I will funnel grace, mercy and kindness right on through to my son. Because I know that is what will get the attention and affection of his heart…just like it got mine.


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