Pursuing The Dip

This morning when I looked out the window I knew what must be done.

After my morning routine with George (get him up, play play play, feed breakfast, play, then put down for a 30 minute nap), I woke Shane up and told him the facts: We were going to run to Fred Meyer so I could get my Zesty Guacamole dip. I don’t think it was his dream to run there so I offered a compromise. I could run to Fred Meyer and he and George could drive, meet me, let me hand off the Zesty Guacamole dip, they could leave and I’d run back home.

But, much to Shane’s credit, when he walked outside with George and me later he decided to run too. It was just too beautiful outside to miss a good run. This is the longest run for us so far. It is a little under 3 miles each way. It was hard, it was a super workout but I could hear that Zesty Guacamole calling me each step of the way.

When we were in the checkout line (with that dip in hand finally!) I saw an advertisement for a book. It was written by a popular “Christian” author and part of the tag line said something to the effect of, “If you read this book you’ll be super duper successful and God will favor you more.”

It hit me wrong. I’m not a fan of the be a super-duper-successful, rich, happy, never sick, never depressed Christian message that is really prevalent today. I’m not a fan at all. I think I’ve traveled too much of the world (third world countries), been a Christian long enough, AND read the Bible enough to throw that message out where it belongs.

All day I’ve been thinking about this question: What could I do so God would favor me more?

Could I pray more?
Read the Bible more?
Give of my time, talents and money more?
Could I go to every single church service possible?
Could I write more curriculum, teach more, preach more, counsel more….all the things I did as an associate pastor for 8 years…could I do that more?
Could I be skinnier? Healthier?
More positive, more upbeat, more energetic?

I’m sure I could have more faith, more of the fruit of the Spirit, less works of the flesh.

However…none of that will increase his favor on my life. I’m favored simply because I’m adopted into His Family. I’m part of His Kingdom. I’ve accepted that I’m nothing and He is everything. I’ve realized that the best thing I can possibly do is understand His finished work on the cross…and just rest in it.

Enough guilt. Enough shame. Enough backward glances and regrets. Just like I went the extra (6) mile(s) to get my Zesty Guacamole dip today, I am going to go the extra mile to rest in His love and His favor. And I’m going to enjoy it…every delicious bit of it!


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