Last night at this time I had a house full of people. Stoddards, Daniels, and Andersens everywhere because….Casey and Camilla got engaged!! It was such a special day and one I will never forget. We now have a ton of things to look forward to as they walk through engagement toward their wedding day, then even further on into a lifetime of marriage. (yes, yes I am very aware I could be a young grandma!)

There are a few times in my life where someone has said something and it impacted me from that moment on. One of those statements is on my mind tonight.

We tried for several years to have a baby. One day I was struggling especially hard with the fact that I was still barren. A friend came to me and said she had been praying for me. She told me even though I didn’t know all the reasons why pregnancy was delayed, that one day I would know why. I would understand and I would thank God for it. In all honesty I had a hard time being encouraged from that. I wanted answers from the Lord and I wanted Him to remove the pain in my heart immediately.

However, now about 3 or 4 years after my friend shared that with me, I can see that George came exactly on time. He was definitely not too early, not too late. And once again I’m reminded of the Scripture in Isaiah that says His thoughts aren’t mine and neither are His ways. They are waaaaay above mine.

I remember sharing that with Casey a while back when it seemed that his special girl would never appear. I’m sure they seemed like hollow words at the time, but I know that now he can look back and he too can understand that she came exactly on time.

Writing that encourages me even now. I have plans, dreams, hopes that I sure wish would be fulfilled sooner than later. But I trust the Lord now more than I ever have before. I know His thoughts and ways are better than mine could ever be. So I can rest and be still.


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