Cheese dip

Not sure why, but I’m having this list of things in my brain that I really miss about Chase. Chase is Shane’s 3rd son and he lived with us for almost 2 years before George was born. I miss him every day, but today these things seem to stand out:

I miss making Velveeta cheese dip for him, then eating it with him of course
I miss when he was around 10 or 11 and would help me bake things in the kitchen
I miss hearing him call me mom (even though I had a few conversations with him letting him know I didn’t expect that)
I miss his sense of humor
This is absolutely crazy, but I (sort of) miss how he would jump out from all kinds of places and scare me horribly
I miss playing board games with him
I miss watching him play video games
I miss when he was young enough to want Bionicles and Legos
I miss how he walks exactly like Shane
I miss figuring out the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for him
I miss taking him to my grandpa’s farm and knowing he was going to have the best day ever
I miss him having Chad spend the night, even though his bedroom absolutely REEKED.
I miss the silly pictures he used to draw
I miss hanging out watching movies with him
I miss school shopping for him
I miss making a difference in his life


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