Today had a very sweet surprise in it for me. It was going to be a regular Monday of cleaning and laundry, as well as unpacking from our weekend away. But I got a phone call from Pastor Joseph and he was able to stop by with Lew and David. My parents came by as well which made it even sweeter. My hard-working, stud, handsome hubbie had to go to work and he missed them by less than 5 minutes (which STINKS but there was nothing any of us could do about it)

I could write and write about how incredibly special it was for me to hand my son over to these awesome men for them to play with and kiss and cuddle. Or about how privileged we felt that they could spend the afternoon with us. Or about how my heart longed/yearned/ached as I listened to all they had to say about the ministry in Kampala. A lot happened today that I will keep in my heart and ponder over the next few weeks.

But what I do want to write about is the last few minutes of their visit. I woke George up from his nap so we could all pray together. Joseph prayed and I can’t wait to hear what he prayed…Dad is writing it down for me since I was tending to George instead of listening. After he prayed, Joseph just hugged and hugged George and me. Then he looked me in the eyes (as only he can…like he’s looking through you to your soul) and touched his heart and told me, “I know what’s in your heart. It’ll come to pass.” Then he smiled his huge smile and they were on their way.

When he said that to me I knew it was the Lord reassuring me once again that He keeps His promises. He’s promised me some stuff. Big stuff. Dearer-to-my-heart-than-life stuff. And when God promises something, its guaranteed to happen.

As I put George to bed tonight, he made me laugh so hard I was crying. He has learned to give me raspberries on my arm. So he’s blowing raspberries on my arm and he’s laughing really hard, I’m laughing really hard and I knew…..I knew that moment was just one of many that are coming when I can reach out and tangibly (is that a word?) touch one of God’s fulfilled promises.


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