Things I Loved Today

I loved discovering the immense savings on my grocery bill when I went to Grocery Outlet.

I loved making myself do a really hard, intense exercise DVD.

Even though it was early, I loved getting up at 6:30 with George.

I loved the several times he came to me to give me kisses today.

I loved making Manwich for Shane.

I loved getting a phone call from my mom as she stood on top of New York New York Hotel in Las Vegas. She hates heights.

I loved that my brother called me AND left a note on my Facebook wall.

I loved paying down a few bills, even though it really stressed me out.

I loved reading the story of King David and Abigail and spending some time alone with my Bible.

I loved crying out to the Lord several times today for help…because He hears me and He answers.

I loved rocking George to sleep and feeling his little hands on my arms. He doesn’t have a blanket or a pacifier, but he does have my arms. He always falls asleep touching the back side of my arms and I just absolutely love it.


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