The Track

I was so excited to be able to go for a run this afternoon. I haven’t been for over a week and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do much. It felt really great to get out there again!

I decided to run around the track at UPS. I wanted to be able to know exactly how far I was running and I also feel safe doing that since Shane and George couldn’t come today.

I used to run track in Jr. High and High School. And I haven’t really been on one since (except when my sis-toe Dawn became my trainer for a week and we went every day while she was here for George’s bday). My goal today was to run 3 miles. I ran a mile, walked a lap etc.

The first lap is one of the hardest parts for me. I’m trying to find my stride. I feel very awkward and uncoordinated because I’m not running behind the stroller. And mentally I keep thinking, “I’m only on the first lap.”

Once I find my stride and stop feeling weird about it, I can cruise for quite some time before I start feeling tired. In fact, I stopped after the first mile but I think I could’ve/should’ve kept going. I will next time.

Once I start feeling tired is when I begin to discipline my mind and the entire run becomes mental not physical.

Once it becomes a mental thing, I found out real quick that looking way ahead at the finish line, or way ahead to some kind of landmark doesn’t work for me. I can’t see the progress if I put my eyes too far ahead. I started looking at things that were a shorter distance away and it helped me immensely to pass it by and set my eyes on the next thing…and pretty soon the mile was over.

I think the Lord is again speaking to me through some every day, regular stuff. I can see a spiritual application to each of those paragraphs above. I am on a certain track in my life, as we all are. I think my track even has some hurdles on it (like the ones I jumped when I was a senior in high school…can’t believe I ever did that!!)

But what I’m learning is:
I just need to find my stride. Once I do, I’m stronger than I think I am (because I KNOW I don’t have any strength in and of myself…all I have is the Lord). If I can set my mind on His Kingdom, and keep my eyes on the progress that is being made, I have a feeling I’ll have a whole new perspective on my life and on my family’s life.

I’m really thankful I got to run that track today. I needed it more than I realized.


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