Quick Lesson For Wives

Yesterday was Shane’s birthday. Last year he turned 40 and I did a super surprise special thing for him at Paddy Coynes and it was kind of a big deal. So this year I didn’t know what on earth to do. Plus we only have 1 car so anything I was going to do would be challenging.

I did a few things for him that mean a lot to him…good food, meaningful cards, thoughtful gifts. But then I decided to drive up to his work last night and let him show George off to his co-workers. I think it was his favorite part of the night. We took him his favorite cookies and some dinner then hung out with him for an hour.

For all you wives out there reading this….in case you don’t know yet, most hubbies really appreciate it if their wives are interested in their jobs and work place. I wish I had a car every evening because then George and I would go at least every month. I think Shane was beaming. Consequently, I was beaming. 🙂

It sounds like a small no-brainer thing, but if more husbands and wives were interested in the little day to day things in the life of their partner, the mundane, ordinary things like jobs and co-workers…I think marriages would be stronger. And in all honesty……cookies help.


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