Matchbox Car Isle

I took George shopping today. We were looking for something to get for his dad’s bday tomorrow. Unfortunately, I didn’t think ahead very well and as we headed down the Matchbox Car isle my son started making his car/truck noises. He got more and more excited and I realized waaaay too late that he was not going to be too happy if we didn’t get a “vroom vroom”.

I decided against getting one and as I carried my screaming son back out through Target I realized….I’m finally one of those Moms. I used to look at them when I was shopping and wonder why they couldn’t help their child stop screaming and crying. Now I know. I really know.

Poor George. As I was rocking him to sleep tonight (yes, I always rock him to sleep and no, I don’t regret it), he was making his “vroom vroom” noise as he was falling asleep. Little does he know that I will probably NEVER take him down one of those isles again until 1) he can speak in full sentences and we can have a logical discussion about how he already has about 500 little cars all over my house and 2) Shane is with us and I can just continue shopping and act like I don’t know the little screaming kid with his very mean Dad who can’t stop him from crying.


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