We spent the day at Casey’s home today. I am taking a step back and just remembering good things tonight…

I remember meeting Casey for the first time. It was the day after I met Shane and what I remember the most is that Casey had a smile from ear to ear. He tried to teach me a card game (which I wasn’t paying attention to because I was trying to figure out if Shane had a full head of hair or not under that hat he kept wearing). Once I realized Shane had beautiful hair, I paid attention a bit more to this young man with the big friendly smile. I really liked Casey from minute one…which I’m sure most people do.

Then another snapshot for me is when I introduced Shane and Casey to my brother. Mark was so impressed with Casey that he encouraged me to date Shane!! Pretty hilarious. But pretty incredible too.

Our wedding day was a busy one for Casey. Our coordinator must’ve thought Casey was the family servant because she had him doing almost everything. But Casey just had that big smile and served and helped all day. I remember hugging him and his brothers goodbye as we left on the honeymoon, and I knew I would miss him and I looked forward to getting back home where the 3 of us would start our new life together in Tumwater.

I absolutely loved the 15 months Casey lived with us as he finished out high school. I have tons of special memories that I hold close to my heart. As all step-parents or parents who have adopted kids know…we’ve got to make the most of every minute with our kids because we’re making up for the time we didn’t have with them…prior to our meeting them.

I could write and write about the surgery he had, his college years, when he had his wisdom teeth out and I got to help him…on and on I have lots of memories and snapshots. But one I also want to mention happened before George was born.

I felt that I should write Casey a letter to tell him how much he means to me. Sometimes its not easy for me to verbalize those kinds of emotions, but I can write them. So I wrote him and shared with him that even though George is my biological son, Casey will always be the son of my heart. It brings tears to my eyes just to type it.

So today as we were in his home, hanging out with him and his beautiful girlfriend, letting him cook us dinner, shopping together for Shane’s birthday…I realized that he’s no longer a young man setting goals and finding his way. He’s achieved goals and is following God’s path for his life and is a phenomenal example to all who know him and are watching his life. I feel forever thankful that he welcomed me into his family and has allowed me a place in his life.


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