Nothing For Granted

I realize that taking something for granted, or someone for granted is easy to do. I don’t want to take my sweet hubbie for granted so I’m going to list some things that I’m not only thankful for, I’m also very aware that I need to notice more.

He rarely thinks of himself (his desires, needs, preferences) first
Other than my dad, he is one of the best fathers I have ever encountered
He works a job that he doesn’t love to provide for us
He brings me flowers, even if he cuts them from our yard
He is willing to get up with George at all hours (like last night and this morning when I was really dizzy and couldn’t do it)
He makes me laugh…..a lot
He has a simple, honest, down to earth view on his walk with Jesus and on the local church
He is creative and artistic. He is also incredibly masculine and tough.
His life journey has included a lot of pain, yet he has never given up – on God, on himself, on the hope of abundant life in Christ
He would give the shirt off his back to anyone in need
He has the gift of hospitality and can usually tell what someone needs not only practically but emotionally or spiritually too.
He can admit when he’s wrong
He is a peacemaker
He is fiercely loyal to his family
Because of his kindness to me, I am constantly challenged to be a better person
He loves this country and all the veterans who have fought for our freedom…he is an extremely patriotic man. On Memorial Day or Veterans Day you might find him at the local memorials or cemeteries giving gifts to the vets he finds there.
He is great at meeting new people and holding conversations with small talk
He shares his chocolate peanut butter treats with me
He always picks up after himself and keeps the house/garage/yard very clean and orderly with me
He is very kind and generous to my friends
He encourages me to do things that refresh me
He has gone jogging with me all summer
He really disciplined himself not to give sugar to George during this 1st year
He sings George to sleep


I realize that my list could go on and on.

My heart is full of love and gratitude. I definitely got the better end of the deal when I married Shane.


One thought on “Nothing For Granted

  1. Your admiring compliments are genuine and sincere. Shane should be so blessed to be married to you, both for who you are as a Christian woman, but also for your obvious love, respect, admiriation, and heart for him. You and Shane are an awesome couple. You just never call anybody back….Love ya,Dave


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