Up and Down

George’s newest favorite thing is to have me hold him by his cute little hands and we walk up and down our stairs. I get rather tired and uncomfortable all bent over but its just so cute…and I sure don’t mind the side effect of an exhausted little boy.

This afternoon I thought I was going to go completely stir crazy. I have gotten very used to going outside every afternoon with George in the stroller. I’d either run for over 60 minutes, or we’d just stroll through all kinds of neighborhoods. Lately I was taking him to a little playground and he’d crawl all over and get good and worn out. But now that the weather has changed, I’m out of luck. And today I could’ve used a good long run.

You can only play cars, make animal noises, drive tractors and read books for so long with a 12 month old. Pretty soon he’s as bored and stir crazy as I am…hence the stair climbing.

George gets so excited and worked up when he’s walking up and down the stairs with my help. You would think he’s winning the Gold Medal in the Olympics every time we reach the top step. Then with an incredible amount of energy he turns and practically jumps down each stair. As soon as we get to the bottom he looks around for a minute, then pulls me up again.

I’m trying to learn how to hear the Lord’s voice throughout the day, and see His hand in ordinary things. Tonight I heard and saw. I used to hold His hand as I went through my life journey and I used to be pretty darn excited about it too. Just like my son I couldn’t wait to get to the top of any challenge or to the bottom of every problem. The Lord helped me up and down my “stairs” and I clung to His hand and I loved it.

I have to be honest and say that its been a while since I felt excited about any challenge or any problem. I still believe He’s walking with me up and down the paths of my life, but somewhere sometime hope and joy and child-like faith dwindled. They’re not gone by any means…but tonight I realized that the Lord would rather me be more like George and less like the tired, bored, cynical, stir crazy mom that I was all afternoon.

He has more adventure for me. I better get to exercising my faith again so I’m fit and ready to climb some more stairs.


One thought on “Up and Down

  1. Melodi, you never cease to amaze me. Years ago, when our friendship first blossomed, you encouraged me with your faith and zest for life. I am so blessed that I am still able to witness your walk. This message really spoke to me and some of my current struggles. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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