Today was rather multi-faceted for a day in the life of me…

First thing this morning I got a call from PR asking to borrow my globes for a sermon illustration. I love my globes. I have over 30 different globes and believe me when I say I have them all rotated so that Africa faces outward. Its something I’ve done since I was in high school and I find myself turning globes to Africa even when I’m browsing through them in Fred Meyer. I’ll never forget the time SM and CU sabotaged my office and messed up all my globes – they rotated them so the USA faced outward. (It was pretty funny actually)

Back to the globes this morning. That one phone call got me really thinking. About all kinds of things. About how much I’ve always loved studying geography. About how I would probably enjoy hearing a sermon that my globes would illustrate. About how empty it feels sometimes to just look at the globes yet not be traveling any time soon. About how much I’ve always loved the world and wanted to make a difference in it. About how supposedly my *fruit* is going to be shipped around the world someday….who knows what that’s supposed to mean.

After that phone call, my MIL and her sis came for a visit. I love watching my son bring joy to others. He brings such joy to his grandparents and to our family! We had a great time at Toys R Us and then at lunch. Its not easy for me to receive gifts, but I actually and honestly had a pretty wonderful time watching those two ladies spoil the socks off George.

After lunch Casey came over. My heart is full of joy at the relationship we have, and at the relationship I see that we’re going to continue to have. His life is changing and I couldn’t be more happy for him. Being a step-mom hasn’t been an easy road for me at times. But with Casey its always been more than I could hope or pray for. What an incredible young man he is. I often remember my brother’s first impression of Casey….and that first impression helped to changed my entire life. He said, “If Casey is any indication of the type of man and the kind of Father Shane is, then you’d be an absolute idiot not to marry him.” Of course I agree. 🙂

Then my sweet friend NL came for a bit. Tears come to my eyes when I think of all she’s done for me, and all she’s been to me. I hope and pray I can return even a little back to her someday. She makes me laugh and she constantly reminds me to look to Christ and to simplify my life. Oh the multitudes of people who have been touched by this servant of God….

I gave George his bath and rocked him to sleep. As I do every night, I pray over him and thank God with all of my heart that he exists. Very distinctly, I can still remember how it felt to have empty arms and a possibility of infertility. I will forever thank my Heavenly Father for the gift of my son.

Then RG came for a visit. I could sit and listen to her stories for days on end…well…only if there’s good food and special yummie drinks involved. Again, she’s a friend who probably doesn’t realize it, but she made such an impact on my life during a time when I thought there was no light at the end of the tunnel. Her outlook on life, and the adventures she has cause me to think broader, be inspired and to admire her all the more!

What a day! I’m certain that today had purpose – my globe has been pointing in one direction for a long time. Its time to rotate the view. And I think I’m ready.


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