Starting Something

It’s time that I start something again.

I have been in a strange yet strangely refreshing season for about 2 years and although I entered Motherhood, I haven’t started hardly anything else. Instead I feel like I’ve been finishing one thing after another. Now that some chapters in my life are closed, I’m asking the Lord to shed some light on not only new chapters but maybe a whole new book.

So I decided to start writing again. I used to journal daily. It was my time to think, process, regroup and plan ahead. I haven’t written much this past year mostly because I’ve been too sleep-deprived to think straight. But now that George is sleeping well and I have time in the evening to myself…it’s time to start again.

I’m not sure if I have anything important to say or not, but at least I can get on track again, thinking, processing, regrouping and hopefully making some plans!


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